'VICE' on HBO Takes on GMOs, Pesticides, and Megacompanies Behind Your Food | MUNCHIES

"Along the way, you’ll visit the world’s largest seed repository in Svalbard, Norway, meet struggling GM soy farmers in Paraguay, and even go behind-the-scenes in the belly of the beast: Monsanto HQ in St. Louis."

Read more and watch a few clips! http://munchies.vice.com/articles/vice-takes-on-gmos-pesticides-and-the-megacorporations-behind-your-food

Source: http://munchies.vice.com/articles/vice-tak...

Starve a Landfill: Efficiency in the Kitchen to Reduce Food Waste

San Francisco may have been the first city to make its citizens compost food, but Seattle is the first to punish people with a fine if they don’t. In a country that loses about 31 percent of its food to waste, policies like Seattle’s are driven by environmental, social and economic pressure.

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