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From "Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food"

From "Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food"

A quick Google search of the word "millennials" returns a string of results reflecting curiosity, discontent and even some disgust with America's newest adult generation. The most recent hits include a poll on the Pew Research Center's website, "How millennial are you?" and from Mashup, an article titled, "Why can't millennials find jobs?" A recent Time magazine's cover story was called, "The me, me, me generation: Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents; Why they'll save us all." Now that's a title.

Millennials, Baby Echoes, Gen Yers, whatever you prefer to call us, are nearly one-fifth of the U.S. population. We have the joystick of America in our well-educated, well-traveled, tech-savvy hands. This fact seems to put those outside the generation on edge. They don't understand us. We grew up playing Mario Kart. They actually went outside.

But there is a key ingredient many commentators and parents have missed, a quality that without question separates this mystical, amazing young generation from all generations prior. No, not our striking ability to create emoji scenes (though those are impressive) or download any software for free. I'm talking about where my generation overwhelmingly spends our money, time and energy: food. 

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