Weddings Are Becoming Way Too Expensive | Thought Catalog

“She made me feel like a horrible person,” my boyfriend’s mother sobbed on the phone, relaying her afternoon spent planning a friend’s daughter’s wedding shower. “I just think it’s ridiculous to make each girl pay over $200 for the party,” she said, defending her decision to stand up to the Maid of Honor, who felt the event would not be complete without Mr. Omelette.

When she returned home, there was hate mail in her inbox from the maid-of-honor’s mother: “If you have a problem with the details the girls are planning, the budget, or at least cooperating with the Maid of Honor who is in charge of the shower committee, maybe you should step back,” she read over the line, telling us how she was, essentially, kicked out of planning the celebration.

“Oy,” I thought to myself. “This is why I don’t want to get married.”

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