My Take on Catalan Stew - NYT Cooking


I made this fantastic David Tanis recipe the other night using homemade fish stock from my freezer, fresh tomatoes and red peppers (instead of canned and jarred), and awesome salmon I had on hand in the place of lobster and clams. It was fantastic, but the next batch will certainly include some briny clams.


  • If you don't want to fry the bread, skip the mess by broiling it instead of plenty of olive oil. It gets just as crunchy. You can toast up the rest of the loaf at the same time as well for dipping!
  • Can't find hazelnuts or they're too expensive, use all almonds (or vice versa)
  • Don't want to use lobster? Nearly any seafood will do. I cut salmon filets into 2-inch squares and poached them in the boiling broth for a couple minutes before serving.