My Tiny House Experiment | VICE | United States

"Admittedly, I'm not as concerned about large houses' impact on the environment as I am about my own desire to feel more in control of things than I do where I live now. While my Brooklyn apartment isn't exactly a McMansion, I've never been particularly (or, at all) in touch with the processes that go into making it easy to live in. And so, instead of reading up on how water, heat, and electricity work, I tried living in a tiny house, which I'd let myself believe promised an implicit degree of understanding and control. I'd thought that, by virtue of living so small, I'd somehow turn into someone who understands how a whole house works. That, because of the smaller scale, I'd magically understand the basics of what makes it possible for humans to live indoors. This was in part because compost toilets and firewood seemed easier to figure out than indoor plumbing and apartment radiators, but it was also because I'd hoped that a tiny house might just automatically make me feel more in tune with my surroundings. "