Eve is an experienced presenter. She is available for events large and small to speak on the topic of Millennials and food culture. 
Talks often touch on:

  • Why brands should pay attention to Millennials
    • Growing monetary influence of Millennials
    • Millennials' role as parents and caretakers, amplifying significance as key shoppers
  • Indications that unique Millennial characteristics will continue with Generation Z
  • Why are Millennials so obsessed with food?
    • Food as the "anti-technology"
    • The Millennial search for community, sensory stimulation, identity formation and control
    • The cause and effect of lives infused in the digital sphere; coming of age at the turn of the millennium
  • Review brands that currently resonate among Millennials and why
    • Importance of transparency, authenticity, simplicity
    • Importance of user engagement and conversation
  • Additional topics:
    • The role of content marketing in connecting with young consumers
    • The effect of Millennials on food policy
    • The influence of Millennials on Baby Boomers
    • The future role of CPG
    • How Millennial purchasing habits are influencing the agricultural supply chain
    • The future of grocery
    • How to manage and understand Millennial employees

Upcoming events:

Where you may have seen eve:

  • Oilseed & Grain Trade Summit 2016
  • Delaware North Food & Beverage Summit 2016
  • Net Impact Conference 2016
  • Swissnex Launch 2016
  • Nestlé Food4Talk Conference 2016
  • The Mixing Bowl NYC Ag Tech Conference 2016
  • IFMA COEX 2016
  • Stony Brook Southampton Food Lab Conference 2016
  • Panasonic Lab 1.0 2015
  • UC Davis Food, Ag and Health Solution Summit 2015
  • ...Or, at a number of private speaking events!
Steelite Annual Trends Connect Conference 2017

Steelite Annual Trends Connect Conference 2017

Nestlé Food4Talk Conference 2016

Nestlé Food4Talk Conference 2016