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Absolutely the engine of dining, even fine dining now, across the board, is this generation of seemingly food-obsessed people who are willing to drive an hour and a half for a sweet taco or save up money— that my generation would have spent on cocaine— to go to Le Bernardin.
— Anthony Bourdain, A Taste of Generation Yum

*Photo by Kunal Chandra


Deepen brand understandings of Millennial and Gen Z wants and needs to generate human-centered solutions and strategic innovations.

Investigate the Millennial Generation and Generation Z through the lens of food culture.


What can I help you with?

Speaking Engagements

I work deepen teams' understanding of the millennial market from a psychological, emotional perspective during custom speaking engagements. I speak to groups large and small, on a range of topics that fit the audience and my areas of expertise.

I evaluate the world through an entirely original lens that considers the psychological and emotional state of youth — the “sociology of emotion” — that specifically looks at the effects of growing up in a digital landscape. My main focus is not on what the latest trends are but why those are the trends. This allows brands to better anticipate future trends, pinpoint the deep wants and needs of their consumer base, and therefore create products, brands, and campaigns that improve consumers' wellbeing. 

WorkShops + IDEATION

I know Millennials and Gen Z. You know your business. Workshops allow us to combine our areas of expertise to generate actionable solutions and innovations. 

Human-centered workshops center around empathy to:

  • Develop an overarching brand strategy by defining a cohesive brand value system
  • Brainstorm blue-sky opportunities around product innovation.

The goal is to catalyze innovative ideas that result in tangible, actionable strategies. 




I use my many years of empirical research on Millennial behaviors to advise Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and independent entrepreneurs on how to connect with Millennials and how to re-think product offerings to better meet the needs of this increasingly powerful consumer segment. 

I push people to view their target consumer through a new lens of empathy and emotional, sociological sophistication.

I work with companies as an advisor for ongoing projects, providing feedback, edits and brainstorming. 

I serve as an expert for agencies including Truffle Pig, Group SJR, BrainReserve, Kantar Futures, Added Value, Gemic and more.


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