Eve Turow-Paul
Author, Thought-Leader, Public Speaker


Deliver original insights on people's wants and needs to generate human-centered solutions and strategic innovations.


I am not an agency — and that's on purpose.

I devote my work to ongoing in-person interviews, shadowing and investigative journalism. Yet, I am also deeply passionate about helping my clients do amazing things with my findings. As such, I've developed a stellar network of experts with whom I join forces to take on projects that include: 

  • Product Ideation & Development

  • Brand Strategy

  • Custom Events

  • Ethnographies

  • Portfolio Strategy

  • Communication & Social Media Strategy

  • Design

    …and more

In addition, I am available for:


I work to deepen an audience's understanding of the impact of the Digital Age on the human experience (with a strong focus on Millennial + Generation Z markets) from a psychological, emotional perspective, and bring to light how changing wants and needs influence your business.


Through customized speaking engagements, I utilize a decade of research regarding food culture, the impact of technology and the path to well-being. 


I hold a preliminary phone call to determine length of engagement, audience and key themes, and a second phone call to review a draft presentation and provide feedback. 

What You Get

These learnings allow brands to better anticipate future trends, pinpoint the deep wants and needs of their consumer base, and therefore create products, brands, and campaigns that improve consumers' well-being.


I know youth culture. You know your business. Workshops allow us to combine our areas of expertise to generate actionable solutions and innovations. I work with teams to clarify brand stories and to ensure that brands are meeting market needs. 


Building on my own strategic framing, paired with your team's expertise, I lead groups through Human-Centered Design exercises that help us ideate and prototype concepts for branding, marketing, packaging, and more.


In a half-day, one-day or two-day workshop, we will challenge your current thinking and generate new ideations that fulfill target needs and bolster business goals. 

What You Get

I will produce a recap of your key insights, take aways and ideas, and will be available as a continued resource for advising following the session. Teams will leave a workshop with multiple ideations to prototype and put into action.

Post-workshop, I offer connection to additional partners for specific services and experiences facilitation


I provide ongoing feedback for teams small and large, to keep the customer focus front-and center. I am also able to craft custom excursions and panels to showcase relevant start-ups, entrepreneurs or cultural experiences.


Think of me as an additional team member, there to bring the conversation and focus back to your market, their true needs, and how you can best deliver. I work with companies as an advisor for ongoing projects, providing feedback, edits and brainstorming. I serve as an expert for several agencies including Woods for Trees, Group SJR, BrainReserve, Kantar Futures, Added Value, Gemic and more.


I often work in conjunction with the agency of record as an additional advisor who will come to every brand and campaign with an entirely unique perspective on young people and modern culture.

What You Get

A consistent expert evaluation of your work, to ensure optimal and effective strategy implementation.